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OTG provides the most complete and comprehensive set of PostgreSQL courses in the world. Designed by our expert PostgreSQL instructors, our PostgreSQL training covers a wide range of topics - and is geared towards those that want to use PostgreSQL in enterprise applications.

Our courses go beyond "standard" PostgreSQL, and teach you how to use advanced features and numerous "add on" modules - such as replication and full-text searching (just to name two).

As the most advanced Open Source database on the market, PostgreSQL combines maturity, stability, and performance with flexibility and security.

PostgreSQL is the best solution today for enterprise database systems. Its support of advanced features such as Stored Procedures, Triggers, and its own PL/pgSQL programming language allow it to compete on level ground with commercial products such as Oracle and IBM's DB2.

OTG's PostgreSQL training teaches you how to install, administer, and develop applications using PostgreSQL - from its most basic features to its most advanced.

If you are looking to develop applications for PostgreSQL or deploy PostgreSQL in your environment, OTG can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Our on-site PostgreSQL training options can be customized (from our vast library of intellectual property) and delivered at your facility. Our on-site courses are designed to bring affordable PostgreSQL training to your facility for groups of three or more students - and offer you the advantage of having an experienced "brain to pick" at your location.

Our PostgreSQL classes cover the latest and greatest Postgres features, such as features added in PostgreSQL 9.0, user contributed modules (like pgBouncer connection pooling). Our instructors have extensive MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL experience - and can assist students in their understanding of PostgreSQL by relating the material to their currently deployed database engine.

OTG instructors have developed one of the largest libraries of PostgreSQL training materials on the planet - our courses range from basic database fundamentals, to advanced features, to developing and deploying web applications using PHP and PostgreSQL. Our large library of intellectual property allows us to design courses to meet your specific needs - contact us about our on-site PostgreSQL training programs today!

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