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SUSE Linux Essentials for Windows Professionals (3 days)

Designed for Windows administrators, this course is designed to transition Windows administrative skills to the SUSE Linux environment. Covering important topics related to Linux, this course places an emphasis on using Linux management utilities such as YaST to install and manage software, understand Linux security mechanisms, access online help and howto documents.

Finally, this course covers topics related to the BASH shell, process management, and various other related features of the Linux environment.

SUSE Linux Essentials for Windows Professionals Course Calendar (3 days)

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2 Include course and course materials only.
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Recommended Pre-requisites

Students attending this course should have experience installing and administering Windows systems.

Course Outline/Agenda

This course cover the following topics:
  • The history of Linux
  • SUSE Linux and the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server releases
  • Using the Linux help system
    • Accessing system manual pages
    • Using Info pages, release notes, and whitepapers
    • Accessing web based help resources
  • Administering Linux using YaST
    • Managing users with YaST
    • Managing printers with YaST
    • Managing software with YaST
    • Obtaining hardware configuration information with YaST
  • Managing and Securing the Linux User Environment
    • Performing administrative tasks as root
    • Setting new user defaults
    • Configuring password, boot, and login settings
    • Managing user accounts and passwords from the command line
    • Installing and removing software using the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) tool.
  • Managing software for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    • Installing and removing packages
    • Updating software with patches (YaST Online Update)
    • Querying the RPM database
  • Managing software updates with YOU
    • Configuring & using a local YOU server
  • Managing system initialization
    • Understanding the Linux boot procedure
    • Understanding & managing system runlevels
    • Interacting with Windows systems
  • Managing remote access
    • Providing remote access with SSH
    • Using SSH clients
    • Configuring SSH to use Public Key authentication
  • Performing remote administration with VNC
  • Using Linux text editors
  • Managing files and directories in Linux
    • Understanding the File System Heirarchy Standard (FHS)
    • Identifying file types in Linux
    • Working with Directories
    • Creating & Viewing files
    • Deleting files & working with file links
    • Finding files on the file system
  • Using shell commands & utilities
    • Viewing files using cat, head, and tail
    • Using grep, sort, cut, sed, and awk to manipulate files
    • Working with archive files
    • Compressing and decompression files
    • Managing permissions and permission values
  • Verifying network connectivity
    • Using ping, traceroute, and netcat
  • Managing processes
    • Understanding process characteristics
    • Process prioritization
    • Understanding system services/daemons
    • Scheduling jobs using cron and at
  • Working with the BASH shell
    • Handling input and output
    • Using pipelines, process grouping, and subsequent command execution
  • Shell special characters
    • Special metacharacters, control keys, and other shell features
  • Customizing the BASH environment
    • Understanding the user environment
    • Shell aliases, options, settings, and variables
  • Performing string & file I/O operations
    • String I/O
    • Processing input with read
  • Performing variable operations
    • Arithmetic, relational, and command substitution operators
  • Using shell flow control constructs
    • Performing variable & file comparison tests
    • Understanding control structures (if, case, while/until, for, and select)
    • Understanding signals

Class Size

This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

On-Site Delivery

This course is available for on-site delivery for groups of 3 or more students.

OTG offers discounted training for on-site courses of more than 3 students - call us at 877-258-8987 (or submit the form on the upper right side of this page) for more information.

Instructional Materials
The following materials are used to deliver this course:
  • OTG Course Guide

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