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Managing Content with MediaWiki (3 days)

Designed for users who are editing, managing, and maintaining MediaWiki content, this Managing Content with MediaWiki training course teaches users how to make the most out of MediaWiki, including leveraging its most powerful features, its tag language, and other related components

Managing Content with MediaWiki Course Calendar (3 days)

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1 Includes airfare from anywhere in the continental United States and some parts of Canada as well as accommodation and shuttle services.
2 Include course and course materials only.
3 Requires a broadband internet connection and microphone. Note that Virtual LIVE courses are led by an instructor, and as such start and end in local time (based on the course location), this my differ from your time zone.
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Recommended Pre-requisites

This MediaWiki training course has no pre-requisites, though a working knowledge of HTML is helpful.

Course Outline/Agenda

This MediaWiki training course covers the following topics:
  • Overview of MediaWiki
  • Understanding wiki architecture
  • Creating an an account and logging in
    • Creating new MediaWiki accounts
    • Logging in to MediaWiki
    • Resetting lost or forgotten passwords
    • Managing your MediaWiki account preferences
  • Using existing MediaWiki content
    • The parts of a Wiki page
    • Viewing recent page changes/updates
    • Understanding page history codes/tags
    • Watching wiki pages
    • Viewing images & image history
    • Printing wiki pages
    • Finding back-links
    • Using MediaWiki Special Pages
    • Attribution & Contributions
  • Managing MediaWiki content
    • Managing MediaWiki pages
      • Starting new MediaWiki pages
      • Removing old MediaWiki pages
      • Naming new pages (naming rules)
      • Understanding Namespaces
    • Linking & Referencing in MediaWiki
      • Placing links in pages
        • Linking overview
        • General link syntax
        • Links internal to the Wiki
        • Generating external links
        • Generating email links
        • Linking to anchors
          • Automatic anchors
          • Manual anchors
          • External link anchors
        • Implementing hover boxes
        • Alternate link naming (piped links)
        • References with interwiki links
      • Generating and linking to, footnotes
    • Understanding MediaWiki formatting
      • Basic text formatting with WikiText
        • Bold
        • Italics
        • Underscore
        • Line breaks & <br>
        • Signatures on page edits
        • HTML tags on Wiki pages
        • Sections & Page headings
          • Section heading formatting
          • Understanding the Table of Contents
        • Generating lists
          • Unordered lists
          • Numbered lists
          • Definition lists
          • Mix & match lists
        • Indenting
        • Preformatting text
        • Dividing lines
        • Footnotes
      • Adding graphics to Wiki pages
        • Uploading files & images
        • Including uploaded images
      • Image & Media links
      • Creating tables in MediaWiki
      • Adding formulas to MediaWiki (the <math> tag)
      • Generating & using Page Templates
        • Generating page templates
        • Transcluding page templates
      • Basic page styling with CSS
  • Publishing edit summaries
  • Communicating with talk pages
  • Identifying and resolving edit conflicts
  • Minor vs. Major edits
  • Time saving tricks
    • Editing shortcuts
    • Enabling & leveraging the edit toolbar
    • Using magic words
    • In page calculations (math)
    • Embedding pages
  • Publishing pages
    • Viewing page previews
    • Testing new pages
    • Revising/correcting errors
    • Reverting a page
  • Page management tasks
    • Renaming or removing a page
    • Duplicating a pages contents
    • Reverting to a previous page from history

Class Size

This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

On-Site Delivery

This course is available for on-site delivery for groups of 3 or more students.

OTG offers discounted training for on-site courses of more than 3 students - call us at 877-258-8987 (or submit the form on the upper right side of this page) for more information.

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