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ZENworks 10 Configuration Mgmt Adv Administration (8004) (5 days)

This Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Advanced Administration training teaches you the concepts, processes, architecture, tools, and steps necessary to perform Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management (Enterprise version) advanced administrative tasks.

ZENworks 10 Configuration Mgmt Adv Administration (8004) Course Calendar (5 days)

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Recommended Pre-requisites

Students attending this course should already be familiar with the fundamentals of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management through training (such as the ZCM 10 jump start class or Course 3098), or through on the job experience in order to take full advantage of the course content and exercises.

Course Outline/Agenda

This ZENWorks 10 Advanced Administration Training covers the following topics:
  • Setting up the ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management Environment
    • Updating (applying updates) to ZENWorks 10 ZCM.
    • Configuring Management General Settings Using zman
    • Adjusting Control Center Timeout Values
  • Migrating Traditional ZENWorks (6.5, 7, etc.) to ZENWorks 10
    • Performing pre-migration tasks
    • Migrating data from Traditional ZENworks to ZENWorks 10
    • Deploying the ZENWorks 10 Configuration Management Agent
  • Implementing and Managing Device Registration
    • Configuring and Using Registration Rules and Keys
  • Performing Advanced Discovery and Deployment Tasks
    • Using CSV files to implement Device Discovery
  • Managing Software Packages & Bundles
    • Example deployment with OpenOffice 2.4 bundle
    • Repackaging and Bundling Existing Software
    • Managing & Merging Bundles from the Command Line
  • Implementing Policies
    • Configuring Group Policies for Windows XP
    • Configuring Group Policies for Windows Vista
    • Configuring Roaming Profiles on Windows XP
    • Configuring Roaming Profiles on Windows Vista Through Group Policy
    • Configuring Policies Using zman Commands
  • Implementing Custom Inventory & Reporting
    • Customizing Inventory
    • Customizing Pre-defined Custom Inventory Reports
    • Creating Custom Reports
  • Performing Advanced Administration Imaging Tasks
    • Modifying PXE Menus to add a PBI (Pre-Boot Image) to the Boot Process
    • Preparing Windows Vista Images to be Restored
  • Configuring & Deploying Patch Management
  • Implementing ZENWorks Asset Management 10
    • Assigning Rights to an Asset Management Team
    • Defining and Tracking Web Application Usage
    • Creating & Modifying Software Usage Custom Reports
    • Implementing ZENWorks 10 Contract Management

Class Size

This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

On-Site Delivery

This course is available for on-site delivery for groups of 3 or more students.

OTG offers discounted training for on-site courses of more than 3 students - call us at 877-258-8987 (or submit the form on the upper right side of this page) for more information.

Course Details
After attending this class, students will be able to:
  • Set up the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management environment
  • Migrate a traditional ZENworks environment to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
  • Implement and manage device registration
  • Perform advanced discovery and deployment
  • Manage software packages and bundles
  • Implement policies
  • Implement custom Inventory and reporting
  • Perform advanced administration imaging tasks
  • Deploy Patch Management
  • Implement ZENworks Asset Inventory 10

Instructional Materials
The following materials are used to deliver this course:
  • Novell Authorized Courseware

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